Maniac self-manicuring

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Gel-polish stickers

Home Manicure, Salon Results

Our gel polish stickers let you achieve a high-quality gel manicure with ease. Super easy to apply from anywhere and remove without damaging your nails. Maniac is like discovering a secret shortcut you wish you knew about sooner in life.

Anna Explains why

Curious about why everyone loves Maniac manicures? Check out the video below where Anna, our founder, spills all the details!

Quick & Easy Salon Nails

Anyone can do this. The gel stickers are easy to apply at home or on the go. Our Gel Polish Stickers are made of 7 layers of gel that last 14 days without chipping. Our products are vegan, HEMA-free, and cruelty-free.

Chemical free and easy removal? Oh, please, stop it!

Our nails are easily removed without chemicals (Aceton-free), keeping them damage-free. The only damage done is the outrageous boost in confidence (or sex appeal) you get from
wearing Maniacs. Even better: our removal oil nurtures your