Celebrate Hands


We touch, we caress, we fight, we bless,

We indulge, we greet, we sign, we feed,

We pinch, we stress, we cook, we dress,

We love, we reach out, we protect, we workout,

We push, we pull, we punch, we pray

We hug, we high-five and we hurray.


All with our hands.

Our hands do so much for us.

Let’s give them the love that they deserve.


Celebrate your hands with Maniac Nails.

Our Mission

Make every hand feel special.

Hands deserve more appreciation for all they do for us, that’s why we're dedicated tomaking beautiful nails accessible to everyone. Enjoy salon-quality manicures with ease, right at home.

How we started..

We understand the profound impact your nails have on your mindset, mood, and confidence. We believe that achieving beautiful nails shouldn't be a time-consuming task. That's why we created Maniac - to simplify and enhance your nail care experience.

During our global exploration for the best manicure solution, we discovered Korea—a leading hub for cosmetics and nail care. Our revelation: Maniac products, offering salon-quality gel manicures at home. Easy to apply and remove without causing nail damage, we were instantly hooked after just one try. After that, Maniac was born.

Up until now..

Since our launch in August 2022, the love for Maniac manicures has been overwhelming. Today, with a team of 16 dedicated employees worldwide, we’ve helped over 1,000,000 nails shine beautifully.

Anna explains why

Curious about why everyone loves Maniac manicures? Check out the video below where Anna, our founder, spills all the details!

Our Maniac Values

Celebrate hands

Passion, confidence and positivity is what we stand for and we love to make bold choices to always express this message.

The world of Maniac

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