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Universe by Joann van den Herik

Joann x Maniac


The universe is always looking out for you, even when you don’t feel like it. Since a couple years I've really been into spirituality and since then I've noticed that if you really believe you can do something: it will happen. I manifested my career, my boyfriend, my life, and I think everyone should know that if you want something, you can have it, you just gotta believe it will. Don’t worry about the how, just believe in the what, and the universe will have your back. These nails are based on one of my favorite crystals: starstone. It helps you discover who you are and gives you the power and strength to be yourself and I hope these nails will do the same for you.


Each Package Includes:

  • 1 Manicure Set
  • 1 Nail File
  • 1 Cuticle Stick
  • 1 Prep Pad
  • How to apply card

Polyacrylic Acid(9003-01-4)(10-20), Acrylates copolmer (25212-88-8)(60-70), Glycerine propoxylate triacrylate(52408-84-1)(10-15), Isdopropylthioxanthone (5495-84-1)(3-5). May contain: D&C Red NO.6 Barium Lake (5858-81-1), D&C Red NO.7 Calcium Lake(5281-04-9), FD&C Yellow NO.5Aluminum Lake(1934-21-0), D&C Yellow NO.10(68814-04-0), FD&C Blue NO.9Aluminum Lake(12225-21-7), Black Iron Oxide(1309-38-3), Titanium Dioxide(13463-67-7), Aluminum Powder(7429-90-5),Bismuth Oxychloride(7787-59-9), Mica(12001-26-2), Fragrance Compound.

* You'll need our lamp

** And you'll even look prettier with a Top Coat!

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Customer Reviews

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Mooie kleur, slechtere kwaliteit dan gewend

Kleur is heel gaaf. Nagel begon echter na 1 dag al te bladderen. Is niet wat ik gewend ben van Maniac.

Maniac symbol voor super simpel en snel Maniac gellak stickers
Super simple

Easy to apply and even easier to remove, at home or on the go

Maniac symbol voor salon kwaliteit gellak dat 14 dagen op je nagels blijft
High Quality

Made of 7 layers gel that last 14 days & doesn’t chip

Symbol voor gezonde nagels die je behoudt bij gebruik van Maniac gellak stickers
Healthy Nails

Easily removed chemical-free without damaging your nails

Maniac gellak stickers zijn vegan and dierproefvrij. Er zitten dus eerlijk gemaakt
No bad stuff

Our products are vegan, toxin-free and cruelty-free