Onze bestseller bundle, vrolijke en warme kleuren.
Best Seller Bundle 2 €81,00
Onze bestseller bundle, vrolijke en warme kleuren.
Coco Obsession Maniac Nails gellak stickers Manicure Solid Red Graffiti
Paris Pink Maniac Nails Gellak stickers Manicure golden rings
Rita Red Maniac nails gellak stickers Manicure Solid red
Paulette Purple Maniac Nails gellak stickers solid Manicure Purple
Anna's Lila Maniac Nails gellak stickers Manicure Purple Golden ring

Best Seller Bundle 2

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How to apply

The Maniac gel polish stickers allow you to create a high quality gel manicure at home, in minutes. Super easy to apply and remove, without damaging your nails. Click here for more info.


These Bestsellers will make your outfit complete. This Bundle contains colors that will never go out of style.


This bundle includes 5 Maniac Manicures:

  • 1 Coco's Obsession
  • 1 Paris Pink
  • 1 Rita Red
  • 1 Paulette Purple
  • 1 Anna’s Lila

Polyacrylic Acid(9003-01-4)(10-20), Acrylates copolmer (25212-88-8)(60-70), Glycerine propoxylate triacrylate(52408-84-1)(10-15), Isdopropylthioxanthone (5495-84-1)(3-5). May contain: D&C Red NO.6 Barium Lake (5858-81-1), D&C Red NO.7 Calcium Lake(5281-04-9), FD&C Yellow NO.5Aluminum Lake(1934-21-0), D&C Yellow NO.10(68814-04-0), FD&C Blue NO.9Aluminum Lake(12225-21-7), Black Iron Oxide(1309-38-3), Titanium Dioxide(13463-67-7), Aluminum Powder(7429-90-5),Bismuth Oxychloride(7787-59-9), Mica(12001-26-2), Fragrance Compound.

Gaga Pink Maniac Nails Gellak Stickers Hot Pink Pedicure and Manicure Product image
Gaga Pink - Mani+Pedi
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