Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper

Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper

Hey Maniacs! Did you guess who was behind the mystery hand on Instagram? It's the super cool Geraldine Kemper! Known from TV shows and her vibrant personality, she's now bringing her unique style to Maniac Nails in the latest collaboration.

Discover the stunning designs: Happy Dance, Watermelon, and Rocketpower. Geraldine's passion for color and having fun shines through in each design. Want to learn more about the latest Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper collection? Read our latest blog now!

Summer is Calling: Sandal Season Is Just Around the Corner Reading Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper 5 minutes

Hey Maniacs! Did you guess who was behind that mystery hand on Instagram? Guess what? It's none other than the fantastic and super cool Geraldine Kemper! You probably know her from her popular TV shows and vibrant personality. Geraldine is not only a TV star but also an inspiration with her unique style and adventurous spirit.

We are obsessed with the latest Maniac Nails collaboration with Geraldine Kemper. Together, we have created three stunning nail designs that are now part of the exclusive Maniac Nails collection, available on our website. Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper brings you the perfect mix of color, fun, and style.

Geraldine's passion for color and fun shines through in every aspect of her life, and her collaboration with Maniac Nails is no exception. So, if you're looking for some extra glamour for your nails, look no further! The Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper designs will surely make you shine, just like Geraldine.

What are you waiting for? Dive into Geraldine Kemper’s world of Maniac Nails and get your nails summer-ready now! Let's take a look at the three must-have sets from Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper that will make your life a bit more cheerful!

Happy Dance – Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper

Dancing the night away so badly that you don't realize day turns into night and night into day – that's what Geraldine lives for. Dancing until the sun comes up and your nails change with you. This glow-in-the-dark design is perfect for a weekend full of festival fun. Purple during the day, glowing at night. And of course, a cheerful smiley as the final touch. Imagine this: you're at a festival, the music is pumping through your veins, and your nails light up in the dark, while during the day they have a vibrant purple color that perfectly matches any summer outfit. Happy Dance van Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper is not just a nail art; it's an experience!

Watermelon – Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper

Add a splash of color with Watermelon, featuring a purple glow and vibrant red dots for a trendy and eye-catching manicure. Geraldine’s playful and bold style is perfectly reflected in this cheerful design that gives your nails a fresh summer look. The subtle purple background provides a stylish base, while the bright red dots add the perfect pop of color, just like a juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. This design is ideal for anyone who loves a trendy and playful look, and it perfectly complements everything from casual jeans to a chic summer dress. Watermelon van Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper is your go-to for a cheerful summer look!

Rocketpower – Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper

For the hottest festival days. Days when all you do is drink bottles of water and eat rocket ice pops. That's when you wear the Rocketpower. Bright colors for the bright sun, perfect for shining all day long. Rocketpower combines bright, energetic shades like neon yellow, orange, and pink, reminiscent of the delightful sweetness of a rocket ice pop. This design is made to stand out and embraces summer with all its vibrancy. Perfect for long days outside, whether you're heading to a festival or just enjoying a sunny day in the park. Rocketpower van Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper is your ultimate summer accessory!

Celebrate hands with Geraldine Kemper

Geraldine has many well-known shows to her name, such as 3 op Reis, Spuiten en Slikken, and 5 Days Inside. She also creates podcasts and was a finalist in the photography show Het Perfecte Plaatje. Naturally, we want to know what inspires Geraldine. She recently bought a new home on wheels; her camper.

Geraldine describes her style as a mix of natural tones and lots of colors. She has a unique style that perfectly matches the vibrant and playful designs of the Maniac Nails collection. Her designs reflect her love for uniqueness, meaning, and living life to the fullest. This is evident in her designs for Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper. Geraldine finds inspiration everywhere, from Instagram to unexpected places like restaurants or festivals. These versatile sources of creativity are reflected in the innovative and colorful nail designs of Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper.

Geraldine has a nightly routine where she cleanses her face and reads a book before going to bed. This moment of peace and self-care is as important to her as having perfectly groomed nails, something easily achieved with the Maniac Nails collection.

Geraldine finds joy in nature, her friends, and music. These sources of happiness and inspiration are clearly seen in her colorful and playful nail designs from Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper.

Despite her love for beauty, Geraldine has her bad habits: impatience and biting the skin around her nails. But with the beautiful Maniac Nails designs, she always has a reason to keep her nails in top condition.

Geraldine bought a camper to have more freedom and enjoys the project of renovating it. This desire for freedom and creativity is also evident in the innovative nail designs she helped create for Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper.

So, while Geraldine celebrates her passions with this beautiful nail collection, she also celebrates life itself – full of color, shine, and unforgettable moments. Check out the stunning designs of the Maniac Nails by Geraldine Kemper-collectie now and celebrate your hands!