The best tips for strong and healthy nails this Summer

The best tips for strong and healthy nails this Summer

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Summer is coming again, which means lots of sun, sea, pool and beach! Yet your nails need some extra care in summer to keep them strong and healthy. What should you pay attention to and what are the real do's this summer to keep your nails strong and healthy? We tell you in this blog!

Moisturize your nails, but beware! 

In summer, the humidity is a lot higher and you probably seek out the water more often. Your nails may become too well hydrated as a result. Your nails can then become too soft and flexible, causing faster damage. If nails tend to get too soft and flexible in summer, it may be wise to keep them a little shorter to keep them strong and healthy. In addition, make sure to keep your nails dry, so don't forget to dry your nails after splashing in the pool!  

The sun and chlorinated water can dry out your hands and nails. It is therefore important to rehydrate your hands and nails with a good cream or cuticle oil to restore their natural oils and keep your nails healthy.

Oil your nails every night.

Oil your cuticles with cuticle oil every night. Your cuticles will protect your nails from bacteria and prevent them from drying out in the summer heat. This will also prevent brittle nails, making your manicure look less attractive. Don't forget to regularly apply SPF to your hands to keep them beautiful and protected as well. 


Keep your nails clean and dry

When you’re cleaning or working in the garden, it may be wise to wear gloves. Wearing gloves while cleaning and gardening not only protects your manicure, but also prevents cuticles from drying out due to soil and moisture.

Don't forget your take care of your toenails! 

Now that the weather is nicer, you might wear open shoes or walk barefoot more often. In that case, don't forget your toenails too! The important thing is to keep your feet and toenails clean and dry. Scrub your feet every week to remove dead skin cells and apply a moisturizer every day for strong and healthy toenails.