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How to apply your gel polish manicure

A step-by-step guide to your new perfect nails.

Our step by step video for long nails:

Our step by step video for short nails:

Step 1 – Prep

Step 1 – Prep

Shape your nails with the nail file. Push back your cuticles. Clean your nails with the Maniac prep pad to remove any oils.

Expert tip: Avoid lotions and oils 1 hour before application.

Step 2 – Select

Step 2 – Select

Hold the sticker sheet above each nail to see which gel polish sticker fits. Choose the right size and peel off the protective plastic of the sticker.

Expert tip: Select a sticker slightly smaller than the width of your nail, when in doubt.

Step 3 – Peel and press Step 3 – Peel and press

Step 3 – Peel and press

Peel the sticker off the sheet gently and press it onto your nail. Press around the edges.

Expert tip: Avoid touching the sticky side and leave a small gap between your cuticle and the sticker.

NOTE: Ensure that the sticker does not touch the skin or cuticle.

Step 4 – Cut, cure and file Step 4 – Cut, cure and file

Step 4 – Cut, cure and file

Fold the excess sticker around the edge of the nail and remove the sticker buffer with the scissors or nail file. Cure your nails under the LED light for 60 seconds. Smooth the edges with the file.

Expert tip: File horizontally underneath the nail edge to avoid hookies.

Step 5 - Top Coat it off

Apply the Maniac top coat and cure under the LED light for 120 seconds.

NOTE: Ensure that the top coat does not touch the skin or cuticle.

Choose new colour

Ready for a change?

Remove your gel polish stickers easy and damage-free:

Shimmy the wooden stick underneath the edges of the sticker. Apply the cuticle oil along the edges of the sticker. Slowly lift the sticker away from the nail.

Expert tip: Don't peel off the gel polish stickers without the cuticle oil, you may take the top layer of your nail with you.

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Our products contain acrylates. By using our products, you may develop an acrylate allergy. Applying the gel nail stickers (and the corresponding) top coat correctly significantly reduces the risk of developing such an allergy. Therefore, we recommend following the instructions above. It is important to avoid contact with the skin and to cure the gel nail stickers and top coat under the lamp for a sufficient duration to ensure proper curing. This significantly reduces the likelihood of developing an acrylate allergy. However, the risk of developing an acrylate allergy still exists. By using the product, you accept this risk. If complaints arise due to an acrylate allergy (such as redness, swelling, and itching), you should remove the gel nail stickers as soon as possible and discontinue the use of the products.

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