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Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland

Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland

Who is Maxime Meiland?

Maxime Meiland is much more than a reality TV star!

In 2006, the Dutch public was introduced to a young Maxime Meiland in the television program "Ik Vertrek" (I'm Leaving). Along with her family, she took the leap to France to transform a neglected castle into a luxury chambre d'hôtel. This adventure laid the foundation for what would later become the reality series "Chateau Meiland," in which the Meiland family captured the hearts of many.

Maxime Meiland Maniac Nails Tomato Juice Red Nail Art Design Valentijnsdag Gellak Stickers dochters

However, behind the scenes of all the glitter and glamour, there was an incredibly difficult period for Maxime. Last spring, Maxime released her biography, a story of resilience and determination. Maxime, a young woman who, despite countless setbacks, found her way to happiness!

Maxime aims to go beyond mere entertainment with her story. She wants to be a source of hope and inspiration for others facing difficult situations. Maxime's willingness to show her vulnerability and share her experiences speaks volumes. It offers a ray of hope for women and girls struggling with their own challenges.

Maxime Meiland is more than just a television personality; she is a symbol of resilience, hope, and empowerment. That's why we at Maniac Nails are super proud that Maxime has designed Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland in collaboration with us. She has symbolized all the important aspects of her life in the three sets of Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland.


Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland: Tomato Juice

Maxime Meiland, known for her style and sense of design, has launched three unique designs, namely Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland, of which Tomato Juice by Maxime Meiland is one. In this design, Maxime reflects the deep, warm color red, which represents the precious and warm feeling of family love for her. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, her awareness of the priceless value of family grows every day. This design is inspired by her own experiences as a mother and her deep love for her family.

Maxime Meiland Maniac Nails Tomato Juice Red Nail Art Design Valentijnsdag Gellak Stickers

The choice of the color red is no coincidence; it symbolizes love, passion, and connection. It is a color that fits perfectly with everyday life, but also with festive occasions. The subtle glitter details add a touch of glamour, giving the design an extra dose of confidence to those who wear it.

Maxime's vision for styling this design is as simple as it is elegant. She opts for beige clothing, a timeless choice that perfectly complements the warmth of the red. Maxime loves to match her outfit with the outfits over her 2 daughters, the three musketeers.

What makes this design so special is not only the esthetics, but also the deeper meaning behind it. Maxime's designs reflect her own life, her values, and her love for her family. She encourages others to enjoy precious family moments and to surround themselves with love and warmth, both in their clothing and in their lives.

With Tomato Juice van Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland, Maxime Meiland proves that style and meaning can go hand in hand. Her design is not just a fashion choice, but an expression of love and connection, and a reminder of what truly matters in life: quality time with those we cherish the most.

Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland: Do It Yourself

Maxime Meiland is, of course, known for her passion for DIY projects, and she has turned this passion into a unique design called Do It Yourself in the Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland collection. For Maxime, DIY projects have become an integral part of her daily life, driven by the motto she inherited from her family: "I've never done it before, so I think I can do it." This mentality forms the basis of her approach to every new project.

The design is characterized by the combination of brown tones with a striking leopard print, resulting in a unique look. The brown color comes to life vividly and is enhanced by the dynamic leopard print, giving the design a playful and lively character. This combination embodies the perfect balance between ruggedness and sexiness, giving the design not only strength, but also a certain elegance.

Maxime Meiland Maniac Nails Panter Tortoise Nail Art Red Klussen do it yourself DIY Gellak Stickers

Maxime's vision for styling this design is as practical as the DIY projects themselves. She opts for a comfortable, easy outfit suitable for DIY work, but at the same time offering the opportunity to look stylish. Whether it's a construction worker's outfit or an everyday look, this design adds a touch of flair to every outfit and brightens up every task.

What makes this design so special is not only its aesthetics, but also the philosophy behind it. It reflects Maxime's can-do mentality and her passion for creativity, even in the most everyday tasks. With the Do It Yourself design, Maxime encourages others to embrace their own strength and face new challenges with confidence, both in their DIY projects and in life in general.

Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland is not just a fashion choice; it is an expression of her personality, her determination, and her unique outlook on life. With her designs, she inspires others to do the same: to strive for self-expression, self-confidence, and the freedom to be themselves, even while doing DIY projects.

Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland: Love

Maxime Meiland also shares her love story through her latest nail design in the Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland collection, namely Love. Her dream was always to find love at first sight, and to her delight, that dream has become a reality. The nail design, characterized by a light color with subtle hearts on each nail, tells her own love story. For Maxime, it's the small details that carry the deepest meaning, and this design embodies the magic of love in a subtle and elegant way.

Maxime Meiland Vriend Maniac Nails Liefde Love Nail Art Design Valentijnsdag

The light color of the nail design is perfect for romantic getaways, long-awaited date nights, and even everyday life. It's an eye-catcher that goes with everything, and the hearts remind her of how love enriches daily life. The design exudes romance and invites celebration of love in all its forms.

Maxime's vision for styling this design from the Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland Collection radiates as much romance as the design itself. For a night out with the love of her life, she opts for a chic red or black dress, where a 'little black dress' never disappoints. If she wants something more sparkling, she pulls out her red dress, adds a glass of champagne, and she's ready for an unforgettable date night.

The Love Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland design is not only an expression of her personal love story, but also an invitation for others to embrace and celebrate love. It reminds us that love is found in the smallest details and that we can seize every opportunity to celebrate love, whether it's on a romantic evening or in everyday life.

With her design from the Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland collection, Maxime invites others to celebrate love, not only on special occasions but every day anew. Because as Maxime shows us, love is a force that enriches our lives and warms our hearts every time we look at it.

How Maxime Celebrates Her Hands with Maniac Nails’ Celebrate Hands!

With the motto Celebrate Hands, Maxime Meiland not only embraces her role as a dedicated mother and avid DIY enthusiast but also celebrates the love and care her hands provide her. As a mother of two beautiful girls and an eternal DIYer, her hands are constantly in motion, always ready to care and build.

Maxime Meiland Vriend Maniac Nails Liefde Love Nail Art Design Valentijnsdag Gellak Stickers

At the same time, Maxime sees her hands as an expression of love and care, and she expresses this by wearing beautiful rings and taking care of her nails with Maniac Nails. For her, her hands are not just a functional tool but also an expression of her love for her family and her passion for DIY projects. Maniac Nails by Maxime Meiland plays a crucial role in accentuating and making her hands shine!

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