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Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023

'Tis the season to be holly, jolly, and fabulous! As you gear up for the festive celebrations, don't forget to treat your nails with a dash of holiday magic. Your nails are the perfect way to express the Christmas spirit, so let's dive into the best Christmas nail colors that will make you stand out at every holiday lunch, dinner, and party!

Coco's Obsession, an All-Time Classic Red:

Coco's Obsession Red Maniac Manicure

Start with an all-time classic; you simply can't go wrong with a classic red manicure for Christmas. Picture Coco's Obsession , a timeless red that exudes sophistication and warmth. Elevate your red manicure game this season with a splash Coco's Obsession, ensuring your nails are as vibrant as the holiday cheer around you and you are truly up to date with the Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023. 


Goldfinger Maniac Manicure Anouk Nijs

To ensure that you have one of the Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023, add a touch of festive glamour to your simple yet elegant manicure with golden accents. Goldfinger offers the perfect subtle shimmer to complement any nail color. Let your nails sparkle like all the beautiful ornaments on the Christmas tree with this elegant golden touch.

Glazed Donut Nails:

Glazed Donut Nails Chelsey Weimar Maniac Manicure

Embrace the whimsical season with these immensely popular glazed donut nails. The wintery-white of Glazed as F*ck is perfect for Christmas. Get ready to indulge in the sweetness of the holidays with this delightful nail color.

Soft Ombre Perfection:

Pink Perfection Stephsa Maniac Nails Pink Ombre Manicure

Minimalist meets festive with a soft and subtle pink ombre. De Pink Perfection ombre adds a touch of brightness to your nails without compromising on the elegance of a minimalist look. Embrace the delicate charm of soft ombre perfection this Christmas.

Golden Stars:

Starry Night Maniac Manicure Golden stars Anouk Nijs

Make your nails the star of the show with a golden starry manicure. Celebrate your hands and let your fingers shine bright and steal the spotlight. It's time to bring the magic of Christmas to your nails with this dazzling Best Christmas Nail Colors of 2023. 

Winter White Whiskers:

Emma Keuven Maniac Nails White Whiskers white fresh nails

When in doubt, go for a classic winter white manicure. De White Whiskers delivers a crisp and clean look that perfectly captures the serene beauty of winter. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of this winter white color for a timeless Christmas manicure.

Moody Winter with Bowie Black, Posey Purple, and Busu Brown:

Bowie Black Maniac Manicure Dark Manicure

Posey Purple Maniac Manicure Dark Nails

Busu Brown Maniac Manicure Dark Nails

Can't choose between 3 of the Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023. If your Christmas vibe is all about cozying up by the fire, these are without a doubt your moody winter nails. Channel the dark and sophisticated allure of Bowie Black, Posey Purple en Busu Brown to create an elegant and mysterious manicure. Embrace the warmth of the holidays with these rich and deep shades.

Metallic Elegance with Cat’s Pyjamas:

Maniac Nails Gellak Manicure Metallic Nails Cat's Pyjama's

Want to be the cool kid this Christmas with one of the Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023? Break away from the glossy finish with this touch of metallic elegance. Cat's Pyjamas offers a cool chrome metallic finish that adds a modern twist to your Christmas manicure. Celebrate your cool hands with the metallic set, Cat’s Pyjamas. 

A Golden Touch:

Golden Glamour Maniac Manicure Golden Details Nail Art

Keep things neutral yet elegant with a Golden Glamour manicure. The subtle touch of gold adds just the right amount of sophistication and style, making it a perfect choice for festive gatherings. Your hands will shine as bright as the lights in your Christmas tree.

Glorious Green:

Gloria Green Maniac Manicure Nails Dark Green Nails

Match the charm of the Christmas tree with a simple yet stunning forest green manicure. Gloria Green captures the beauty of a green forest, bringing a touch of nature to your festive look. Embrace the vibrancy of the season with this festive green color.

Glittery Nails:

Top Notch Maniac Nails Silver Glitter Manicure

Add an extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with Top-Notch. This glamorous shade will make your nails twinkle like holiday lights, ensuring you dazzle at every festive occasion. Get ready to shine with these show-stopping glitter nails.

Christmas Glittery Pink:

Anna Nooshin Maniac Nails Pink Glitter Manicure

Inject a dose of Christmas spirit with glittery pink nails. Mokum by Anna Nooshin brings a playful and festive vibe to your manicure, making it the perfect choice for getting into the holiday spirit. Embrace the joy of Christmas with this dazzling pink color. 


As you plan your festive looks, don't forget to indulge in the best Christmas nail colors to make a statement at every holiday gathering. From classic reds to glittery pinks, there's a perfect Christmas nail color for every style and everyone. Let your nails be the highlight of the season as you embrace the magic of Christmas with these stunning Best Christmas Nail Colors 2023. 

Remember, the key to the best Christmas nail colors 2023 is to choose shades that reflect your personality and add a touch of holiday magic to your overall look. Whether you go for timeless classics or trendy nail art, make sure your nails sparkle and shine throughout the festive season. Cheers to a dazzling Christmas with the most fabulous nail colors of the year! Celebrate the year, Celebrate your hands!


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