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Maniac Nails by Carolien Spoor

Maniac Nails by Carolien Spoor

Carolien Spoor is a well-known actress and content creator based in the Netherlands, known for her passion for fashion and vibrant colors. She swears by Maniac Nails as her go-to beauty secret, hailing it as the "invention of the year" for its ability to keep her nails flawless for three weeks while being easily removable without causing any damage. Therefore, Maniac has created a collaboration with Carolien Spoor where she designed two stunning nail designs for Maniac Nails with her creative mind. In this blog, Carolien shares the inspiration behind her new creations for Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails. 

Carolien's creative insights and personal connection with her designs are evident in the Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails designs. The choice of colors, patterns, and themes reveals not only her craftsmanship but also her desire to share positive emotions and style with others. It provides a unique glimpse into the mindset of a strong powerhouse woman who has translated her creativity for Maniac into two beautiful artworks for your nails.

In Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails, we clearly see Carolien's touch, not only focused on aesthetics but also on conveying emotions and positive energy. Carolien's sources of inspiration show that art is not just a visual expression but also a way to communicate shared emotions and experiences. The choice of colors, design, and themes reflects the depth of her creative process and her desire to leave a lasting impression in the world of nails.

Disco Fever 

In the first design,  ‘Disco Fever,’ Carolien reveals what inspired her. She emphasizes the universal desire for joy in everyday life and how this design aims to create nail art that instantly brings a smile to everyone's face. The simplicity makes it suitable for daily use, but the 'Disco Fever' element adds that extra touch to brighten your day.

Disco Fever Maniac Nails Carolien Spoor Gellak Manicure
The simplicity makes it suitable for daily use, but the 'Disco Fever' element adds that extra touch to brighten your day.

Twice as Nice

For the second design, 'Twice as Nice,’ Carolien shares the inspiration from her lifelong love for the color purple. She highlights how purple has always held a special place in her heart; this design directly translates that emotional connection.

Twice as Nice Maniac Nail Purple Manicure Carolien Spoor

The goal was to translate her favorite color into a design that is not only purple but also playful, chic, and funky. Therefore we have created a set with 2 different shades of the beautiful purple. The result is a nail set that not only reflects her personality but is also versatile and stylish for various occasions.

Maniac Nails by Carolien Spoor Styling Advice

Of course, we also wanted to know how Carolien matches her outfits with her Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails designs. And as you would expect from Carolien Spoor, she eagerly shares how she rocks the Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails in her daily life.

For Disco Fever,' Carolien goes all-out, both during the day and in the evening. She praises this set as the ultimate celebration of creativity, with all the colors of the rainbow. A versatile choice that effortlessly complements different outfits and occasions. It's subtle but has the power to draw attention when needed. For Carolien, it's not just an accessory for special occasions but a dynamic addition to her daily style, allowing her to let her personality shine at any time of the day with Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails' Disco Fever.'

For Twice as Nice, Carolien goes for the combo, especially when dressed in black or brown. She appreciates the versatility of this set, which not only highlights her nails but also adds a striking element to her look. A smart tip she shares is using Maniac's matte topcoat, giving the set a cool and fantastic appearance. And as if that's not enough, 'Twice as Nice' matches perfectly with various colors, including ochre, orange, red, and green. In short, the Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails designs are effortlessly adaptable to different styles.

For Carolien, her nails are more than nails; they are her creative playground. With Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails' "Disco Fever" and "Twice as Nice," she not only expresses her style but also embraces her uniqueness. She sees her nails as a canvas for self-expression, with each design being an extension of her unique personality.

Celebrate Hands met Carolien Spoor

Certainly, we also wanted to know how Carolien puts her hands in the spotlight because at Maniac, everything is about Celebrate Hands! And, like a true Maniac Family member, Carolien does it in a unique way: by spending precious time with her children and being actively engaged together. She embraces the chaos of daily motherhood and cherishes the special moments she shares with her kids. For her, every interaction is a celebration of the liveliness and energy her hands enable, and she expresses this with the Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails collection.

Carolien Spoor Maniac Nails collaboration

Carolien also reveals her love for accessories because there is a ring on every finger of her hands. This simple but thoughtful addition makes her hands a daily feast for the eyes. The visual splendor of the rings on each finger creates an atmosphere of festivity and embellishes her hands in a way that reflects her personality and style, just like what she has done with Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails.

For Carolien, her Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails collection is more than just an expression of her own individuality; it is a way to celebrate her hands as an inherent and valuable part of her life. With this, she emphasizes that celebrating your hands doesn't have to be grand but can also be found in the small, daily details that add personal meaning and joy to everyday life.

Give us more Maniac Nails by Carolien Spoor

Can't get enough of Carolien Spoor X Maniac Nails? Fear not, as these are not the only designs! She also has a unique design with Orange and Pink. The 'Orange is the new Pink' design, also created by Carolien Spoor, is a beautiful combination of her two favorite vibrant colors: cherry pink and Hermes orange. In line with her eclectic fashion style, Carolien loves mixing and matching, and she embraces the idea of not being entirely perfect. With this design, you have the freedom to choose how many orange nails you want to add to your pink Maniac manicure!

Carolien Spoor Maniac Nails Orange is the new Pink Nail Art Pink and Orange Manicure

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